Han M Greenbarg

Drama, Thriller, Fantasy

I am a writer with a relentless imagination that often swings from one emotion to the next in stories. Life is full of endless ups and downs and my goal is to craft books that touch people in a lasting way. I tend to overlap genres and the pendulum can swing from a fantasy war epic to a light-hearted unconventional romance. That's the thrill of being a writer. It's self-expression and an art and a sharing of raw emotions with readers.



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Ember Dice

Paperback Available On Amazon

Year 2089. Earth's most revolutionary dating site is in its last year of operation and the final twenty eight premium members are taking one last ride into the infamous battlefield. Virtual and real world relationships are tested in ways that no one can prepare for. The games begin in the stars and end in a screen...who will find their lifemate? Who will be floating in oblivion?


Elf Bat Book One: Kiah

Hardcover Now Available On Amazon and Barnes And Noble's website

Twelve years after the ruthless massacre of his parents and most of his kin, eighteen-year-old Elf Bat Kiah lives a life of internalized grief and solitude in his family’s cave. The arrival of Fly, a reckless purebred Elf maiden, sparks the flame for revenge and a resurgence of the Bats.


Scurts Flightplan

Paperback Available On Amazon

Revenge is best served warm, so says my associate Robbie Decker. Kill your demons. They won't plague you again. Really. Then how do you explain my current situation? Locked up in the company of airport eccentrics, friend to a pardoned killer, and pacing the million degree terminal with my wine-drunk therapist. Three months left to live...and I think I got blood on my hands. Talk about your midlife crisis. Where did I go wrong?--From The Journal Of Damon S.